It’s Official: Brain Age Improves Your Maths Skills

Thought that Nintendo’s Brain Age game was nothing but money-making crap? You’re in the disappointment line, because Scottish scientists have proved that it does indeed improve your mental skills and to be specific, they found that math skills were improved in the study.

The game was given to like half the student body and was incorporated in their daily school routine. Tests were taken at the beginning and end of the study. The results are surprising: the ones who had the game had their scores improved by 50% more than the other group (how this math works we have no idea, we don’t play Brain Age, apparently).

The game doesn’t show any apparent difference in the results between girls and boys, and most notably; between playing the game at school or home. So get your parent-approved DSs while you can, kids! The results also showed an improvement in school attendance. Not surprising: I’d show up on time everyday for school if we had some video game playing time.

So Brain Age is really that educational and brain-improving awesome? It will improve our math scores? What do you think?

Source: BBC

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