Book Review: The Godfather – The Official Motion Picture Archives

It’s a quintessential part of American cinema; a classic film on a multitude of levels, and a who’s who of some of the industry’s best acting talent. The Godfather was an Academy winning masterpiece when it was first released and continues to be used in film classes as a work to be studied and explored.

But, as we all know now thanks to the web, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for every story we see on the big screen there is an equally fascinating series of stories that take place behind the camera. The Godfather: The Official Motion Picture Archives is a time capsule, which enables us to take a look back at the making of one of American cinema’s most revered films and its sequels.

This fascinating book allows us to see how The Godfather went from being a best-selling novel by Mario Puzo to one of the most popular films of all time. Each page is filled with engaging and insightful facts and trivia about the film’s characters, locations, the actors, director, and others who helped to make the classic films we know today.

Much like The Dark Knight Manual, The Godfather: The Official Motion Picture Archives includes plenty of crazy-cool stuff for the avid movie buff and Godfather fan to dig through and explore. Envelopes grace the pages at several points throughout the book; they include memos, cue sheets, script pages, posters, articles, and more related to the pre-production, production, and post-production of the film and its sequels.

If you’re just a casual moviegoer or a hardcore cinephile, The Godfather: The Official Motion Picture Archives is a definite must-read. I highly recommend it!

The Godfather: The Official Motion Picture Archives is available now!

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