Pawn Stars: Volume Five – DVD Review

It’s time for another volume of Pawn Stars! One of the highest-rated series on The History Channel, Pawn Stars has developed a rather large following over the several years it has been on the air.

The Gold & Silver Pawn shop in Las Vegas where the series is based has grown and expanded in size. People flock to the shop not only with items to pawn, trade, or sell, but to try and meet the series’ stars: Rick, Big Hoss, Old Man, and, of course, Chumlee.

You can buy shirts, mugs, and even bobbleheads of the guys. Most everyone knows about the show even if they don’t watch it religiously. It has almost achieved cult status in the world of pop culture. From talk show appearances to newsbites on TMZ, these guys are definitely a phenomenon all their own.

What continues to make the series so engaging is the brilliant dynamic between the four main men. It’s a well-crafted sitcom; a workplace comedy where each character easily defined with plenty of great one-liners and comebacks that keep you wanting to see them episode-after-episode.

This volume has a lot of great comedic bits that those who watch for the historical content may become frustrated by. But I think it breaks up the show and gives us more insight into these guys and their lives in and around the workplace. Granted, there is plenty of awesome stuff for these guys to check out as it comes in the shop (or they go to it), but I really think this little extra humor goes a long way.

Pawn Stars continues to be solid entertainment on a variety of levels. I cannot recommend it enough!

Pawn Stars: Volume Five is available NOW on DVD!

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