Batmobile: The Complete History – Book Review

Here it is. The penultimate book about one of the most famous vehicles in the history of comics, TV, and film: The Batmobile. Its image is as iconic as the superhero that drives it; its very presence is enough to make the endangered feel safe and the villainous feel fear.

While it has gone through changes over the decades, the Batmobile has always been synonymous with the Batman universe. And while the latest version seen in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises is worlds apart from the original concept seen in Detective Comics in May of 1939, the vehicle itself has definitely imprinted itself in the pop culture landscape.

Batmobile: The Complete History delivers so much great information about the vast world of the Batmobile and its many iterations that it’s a must for fans of Batman and cool cars in general. It explores not only it’s many versions in the comics (yes, there was a Batmobile with a giant bat head on the front), but also details the choices made by car designers when it came to bringing Batman to both the big and small screen.

From George Barris’ design of the Batmobile for the Batman TV series, to the garish look of the vehicle in Batman & Robin, to the technologically truthful version in the latest trilogy, the stories behind each design are as fascinating as the cars themselves. This book is a great historical artifact in terms of how a fantasy car has transformed throughout they decades yet still has managed to have the same meaning across generations.

Concept sketches, behind-the-scenes photos, blueprints, comic book pages, quotes, and interviews bring the story of the Batmobile to life and give a new appreciation for this fictional vehicle. It’s a great book and a fun read.

Batmobile: The Complete History is an awesome addition to any comic book or car lover’s library. I highly recommend it!

Batmobile: The Complete History is available June 24, 2012!

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