The Shadow #2 Comic Book Review

The Shadow 2 Dynamite Entertainment

The Shadow 2 Dynamite Entertainment

Where The Shadow #1 left off issue #2 picks up. It answers several questions about where at least this four part story is headed and so much more!

This issue features Cranston and Lane in an airplane heading to China. Yes basically the entire issue is them in an airplane. But of course their not just sitting idling waiting to arrive at their destination. Nazis show up and Cranston himself has to take them out. Miss Lane does get her own action packed fighting sequence as well! Lets just say she’s a tough cookie. Of course The Shadow shows up and blood is spewed all over the place.

While this is all going on we do learn some key facts that help give a firm definition of who this The Shadow is. Is he Lamont Cranston or Kent Allard? Well I’ll let you read the issue to find out.

We are also introduced to the villain of this 4 part story arc, but in the panels that he is featured in he isn’t being evil so I’m not sure how much of a fight he’ll put up to The Shadow when he comes knocking.

So far between these first issues, The Shadow has yet to solve any mysteries. It makes him feel like he simply is trigger happy. It would be great to see that he is also an intelligent figure and great detective. To say the least I can’t wait for The Shadow to end this current 4 part arc so we can see what an issue is like that has a complete story. Judging issue 2 alone it feels like filler that at least contains a good amount of action. But again it feels a little empty.

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