NBC’s 2012/2013 Lineup Looks Weak

NBC Revolution

NBC Revolution

And the show least likely to be canceled next year by NBC is… Revolution? Yes I did sit through every teaser for NBC’s upcoming 2012/2013 lineup and trust me there’s a reason why I’m not even mentioning all those other shows.

Even though I like the teaser for Revolution that doesn’t mean NBC won’t cancel it within its first season. So I’ll I can say is don’t hold your breathe because I don’t want you to drown. If you’re a fan of Lost then this series definitely seems worth checking out. What if the power goes out around the world for no explainable reason? I would imagine that shit would hit the fan, but the fan’s blades wouldn’t be spinning.

Another show just for shits and giggles is 1600 Penn. It’s got Bill Pullman returning as the President of the US. What’s not to like about that? Hopefully he’ll have some great speeches that rival his classic in Independence Day.


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