Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy: Volume Two – DVD Review

I had some initial doubts about this show. I’ve never been that big a fan of Larry the Cable Guy’s comedy and I was skeptical that this would even be a series that would be worth watching. Well, I was wrong. This is not only an awesome series, but it’s one of the funniest and most entertaining shows I’ve seen from the History Channel since How the States Got Their Shapes.

If you’ve never seen the series, Larry the Cable Guy goes around America and visits people and places that make the United States a unique and special place. It’s a red, white, and blue celebration of what makes this country great, and Larry’s commentary and historical factoids add to the fun of the series. Larry tries out a variety of different jobs, tries different foods, and interacts with the locals (some of whom have no clue who he is).

Each episode is broken into three segments that find Larry in different parts of the country. Sometimes his comments can get a tad on the TV-14 side, but it’s all in good fun and is safe for the whole family to watch (well, maybe not the one where Larry has to stick his arm inside a cow, yikes!).

The eleven episodes in this volume two set include: Larry Deep Fries Everything; Larry Digs for Gold; Larry in Hillbilly Country; Larry is a Logger; Larry Goes North; Larry is the Sheriff; Larry Steps into the Ring; Larry is Amish; Larry Beefs Up; Larry Cuts the Cheese; and Larry & the Superpig.

Whether you’re a fan of Larry the Cable Guy or not, this series is definitely worth watching since it’s not just Larry doing stand-up, it’s Larry interacting with real people. And some of them just don’t get his brand of humor, which makes those moments even more hysterical to witness. Oh, that Larry!

My one criticism isn’t related to the series but to the DVD menus. The colors used for the titles and chapters and to highlight them are so similar that it’s hard to tell what you’ve selected. There were a few times when I couldn’t tell if I had moved to the next episode or not, which could get frustrating for people with poor eyesight.

Aside from that this is a fantastic series that is worth checking out. Git-R-Done!

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy: Volume Two is available April 17, 2012 on DVD!

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