How the States Got Their Shapes: Season One – DVD Review

This is one of the best shows I have ever seen from The History Channel! Take a fascinating, informative, and entertaining road trip all around America with host Brian Unger as he helps clue us in to something we take for granted everyday: the shapes of our states.

Based on the book How the States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein (who also appears on their series as an expert), what at first may seem like a dull topic is brought to life in this fast-paced and oftentimes funny series that explains why our states look the way they do. Each episode explores a different facet of culture, geography, transportation, and politics that resulted in the fifty states as we know them today.

How the States Got Their Shapes looks into both the mythic and real history of how each state got its shape, and sometimes truth is far stranger and even more insightful than the fiction the locals have established. There’s something truly exciting about this series that makes geography a fun topic to learn about.

Why are there two Carolinas? What state has its own power grid? How were the time zones created? What state has the most water? Which has the least? Each of these topics and dozens more are explored and the answers further explain why each state’s borders ended up in their current positions.

Host Brian Unger (former Daily Show correspondent) delivers plenty of great information and plenty of one-liners as he criss-crosses the country on a mission to discover the truth behind this seemingly enigmatic topic. Unger interviews people on the street and experts to get a real sense of how each state is perceived, and how each state ended up how it is.

Another aspect that I love about the show is that it actually is a series that relates to history that’s on The History Channel. With so many reality shows popping up on the network, it’s nice to see a series that actually educates us about American history instead of just being a one-off special.

Speaking of specials, the special feature included with season on is the original special, How the States Got Their Shapes. Much like the series, it’s a fast-paced and informative look at what the show ultimately explores in more detail. This is good stuff!

If there were only one History Channel series I could recommend it would be How the States Got Their Shapes. You’ll learn a lot, have a good time, and even walk away with information you can wow your friends and family with. I highly recommend you check out this excellent show!

How the States Got Their Shapes is available NOW on DVD!

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