Vietnam in HD – Blu-ray Review

There’s no one would argue with the fact that war is hell. It’s a bloody, deadly, and sometimes needless battle between two or more groups of people; each believing their cause is far nobler than the other. And while wars have always been part of human history, it’s how each skirmish is perceived that paints the ultimate portrait of who is the hero and who is the villain.

Prior to the Vietnam War, World War II was an iconic example of American patriotism and support for the brave men and women fighting for victory in Japan and Europe. These folks were deemed The Greatest Generation, and their heroism is still lauded and revered to this day.

When it comes to the Vietnam War it’s a much different story. The men and women who were a part of it were no less patriotic, brave, and heroic than those who fought in World War II. What did change was the perception, opinions, and reactions of the people at home in the U.S.

Unlike what appeared to be 100% support at home for the actions of our military during World War II, the soldiers in Vietnam were faced with angry, violent protestors who had no qualms about voicing their opinions about the war and those who were fighting.

Vietnam in HD from the History Channel brings the whole of this conflict to life with home videos, newly discovered footage from the front lines and at home, and interviews and true life accounts from the men and women who lived through it. It’s a supercharged and at time emotional story of bravery and heroism among the most horrific conditions imaginable.

Much like WWII in HD, Vietnam in HD digs deeper into the underlying reasons and purpose of the conflict being fought. Its use of first-person accounts enables the viewer to go deeper inside the conflict than the use of stock footage and just a narrator ever could. This is definitely a powerful series that should be seen by future generations so that they further understand the stories and people who risked their lives during the Vietnam War.

Vietnam in HD features a lot of graphic and oftentimes disturbing images and content that many viewers may find upsetting. This is not some sugarcoated special; this is hardcore reality on violent and bloody display. As I said before: war is hell.

If you’re looking for a different perspective on the Vietnam War, I highly recommend Vietnam in HD. You may just discover and few things that you never knew, and some you only thought you did.

Vietnam in HD is available NOW on Blu-ray!

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