WWII in HD: Collector’s Edition – Blu-ray Review

This is one of the most fascinating documentaries I have ever seen about WWII! Using full-color footage that has never been seen before, The History Channel has delivered an in-depth and emotionally charged account of the days before, during, and after the war fought by The Greatest Generation.

With personal accounts from the twelve men and women who were part of the action, WWII in HD is a gripping and powerful look at the battles fought to defeat the Japanese and the Nazis from a first-person perspective. It is the words and interviews of those who lived these moments that truly make this series come alive.

As mentioned above, what makes this particular series stand-out from other specials about WWII is the use of newly discovered never-before-seen color footage from all over the world. From Hitler’s rise in Germany, the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, and even U.S. troops being trained for combat, the footage is a reminder that the past isn’t just a series of newsreel clips and overused videos. There was a lot going on that most people never saw. Until now.

I really liked WWII in HD. I found myself sucked into the stories of the people who were there. I had visceral reactions to some of the footage that was being displayed in full color, most of it quite graphic and chilling. It’s a special everyone should take the time to watch and learn from.

Along with the WWII in HD, since this is the Collector’s Edition, you also get two other WWII specials: The Battle of Iwo Jima and The Air War (a look inside the battle to take down the German Luftwaffe in the months before D-Day. All of these specials give us true life accounts with interviews from those who were there. Always fascinating.

Special features on WWII in HD include:

Character Profiles

A closer look at the men and women featured in the series.

Finding the Footage

Where was all this unseen material? This short featurette gives insight into that question and much more.

Preserving the Footage

A look into how the footage was captured and converted into HD for the special.

I highly, highly recommend WWII in HD. It’s an amazing look at a time we should never forget.

WWII in HD is available NOW on Blu-ray!

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