Spec Ops: The Line

Are you prepared to walk the fine line between one’s mission and one’s duty?

In recent years the Middle East has be the setting for some pretty great video game shooters, but none of them have tackled one of its most powerful elements – sand. You can see in the trailer below for the upcoming 2K Games Spec Ops: The Line that with a strong enough and consistent sandstorm it can truly ravage a city.

Imagine the psychological impact that such an event would have on its people and you have a great setup for a video game. As you probably noticed from the trailer, Spec Ops: The Line takes place in Dubai. The only citizens left are refugees and outlaws. The character that you play as is Captain Martin Walker along with his Delta Operators squad. One day your team picks up a faint signal from U.S. Army Colonel John Konrad who previously was thought to be lost in the sandstorms. It is up to your team to locate survivors across the ruined Dubai.

Spec Ops: The Line is a third person cover based shooter. What sets it a part from other shooters is actually the key element to the story. The levels are covered in sand and since sand itself constantly forms new shapes, your arena might morph as you are playing through the game. Imagine not only the floor beneath you collapsing, but also the idea of causing sand avalanches onto your enemies. There’s a physical nature to sand and Spec Ops: The Line hopes to capture that element.

Spec Ops: The Line arrives on store April 30, 2012.

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