Do you look like Borderlands’ Lilith? If so, apply within.

And you thought cosplayers couldn’t get a job…

Hey, are you a girl? Do you look like Lilith from Borderlands (pictured above)? Do you need a job that just happens to involve lots of shooting? If so, get in on the action and get in touch with Gearbox, because they’re looking for Lilith look-alikes to act as the character’s live-action version. You’ll also be invited to doing promotional events and trade shows. The gig pays $1000 per day of shooting, which isn’t half bad, if you ask me. But then, I’ve no idea how the modelling industry works, so what the hell.

Interested? Check out the Gearbox casting call page and make your decision. You may send in an application online and hope to be invited, or get to Dallas in the first two weeks of December for Gearbox’s casting call. Either way, we’re sure to get one sexy Borderlands live-action Siren!

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