Minecraft Goes 1.0 on November 18th

Plus, a pre-release beta!

Minecraft has been around for ages, but it has always been in beta (not unlike a certain email provider) for just as long. That’s set to change now. On November 18th, Minecraft will officially hit its first release – 1.0. It will include completed versions of the features that were released in the Adventure Update a few months ago. It will also have lots of new additions like new blocks, new monsters and so on.

And get this – there will actually be an end to the game. There will be a new dimension available to players (which has been in the beta since October). It’ll be called The Ender and feature something called The Enderdragon. If you can beat that sucker, you’ll be treated to a spiffy endgame sequence and all.

Too excited to wait? Notch has you covered! This will be the last pre-release beta available, and it even has all the features of the final game!

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