And This Is Why You Can’t Electro-Bolt Your Way Through BioShock: Infinite

Sure you can shotgun, but can you shotgun someone hundreds of meters away from you? I thought not.

Ken Levine and Irrational Studios are apparently well aware that lots of people got through BioShock with nothing but electro-bolting and shotgunning their way through. Well, they’re out to stop it this time round, and that’s not by nerfing the weapons down, no sirree.

As Levine explains in this interview to the Playstation Blog, your enemies in Columbia will be at far greater ranges than they were in claustrophobic Rapture, not to mention that the number of enemies you’re facing will also have gone up. Levine hopes that this will make for a much more diverse combat experience, and you will be forced to use one or two more tools than you know, electro-bolting your way through things.

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