The Middle: The Complete Second Season – DVD Review

Welcome back to Orson, Indiana. The Middle kicks off its sophomore season with a bang, and continues to revel in the dysfunctional chaos of the Heck family through holidays, school events, and family-centric outings. There’s a lot of hilarious material to enjoy in this solid second season, and even with a few so-so eps in the mix, The Middle is a lot of fun to watch.

I have a feeling that if Modern Family hadn’t arrived on the scene at the same time The Middle did that the series would be much more popular than it is now. It’s definitely one of ABC’s most underrated series, and it deserves far more praise than it currently receives. In some odd way, however, its underrated status suits the show, and its something that even Sue Heck would be proud of (especially if they got a trophy for it).

While Frankie (Patricia Heaton) continues to try and keep sanity in her home, it’s her own sanity that could be called into question on more than one occasion. It’s a wonder that she hasn’t completely snapped given the craziness she has to deal with at home and at work. But despite all the chaos, Frankie is a good mom who only wants the best for those around her; even if it means she has to lose a little dignity along the way.

Mike (Neil Flynn) is the antithesis of Frankie; calm, collected, and rational. While he does have his tipping point, he is the voice of reason and logic in the Heck household. He’s a combination of Ward Cleave and Tim Taylor wrapped in Al Borland’s flannel shirts.

Axl (Charlie McDermott), Sue (Eden Sher), and Brick (Atticus Shaffer) are your typical American kids. Axl is lazy and aloof, Sue is the 21st century answer to Jan Brady, and Brick continues to lack any sense of social skills of nuance (whispers: social skills). Yep, the Hecks are a fairly average family, which makes them identifiable to avid fans and to those just tuning into the series for the first time.

This is a dynamite cast who continue to thrive and grow into their characters with each passing moments, scene, and episode. Their performances are what help elevate the show from just another family-based series to something far more hilarious and impressive.

We’ve all either know about a family like the Hecks or are part of a family similar to them. They’re may not be anything glaringly special about them, but deep down they are a strong family unit who really do love and care about each other despite what it may seem like to any outsiders looking in.

Special features include a Gag Reel and Deleted Scenes, which are both pretty enjoyable. The Middle is a safe, funny, and, for the most part, clean show that you can watch with your kids without having to worry about excessive references to drugs, sex, or violence. It’s a great series!

The Middle: The Complete Second Season is available NOW on DVD!

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