Lee & Grant – DVD Review

They were two of the most iconic figures during the Civil War. Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant were on the front lines of one of the biggest battle ever fought on American soil. But what do we really know about them, their personal lives, their personal philosophies? And what’s more, what things did they have in common that made them more alike than either ever knew?

Lee & Grant is a fantastic documentary from the History Channel that explores these aspects and many more. The special takes us on an in-depth biographical journey of these two historic generals, their upbringings, their education, their marriages, and their military service. While most people have at least some knowledge of Lee and Grant as military figures, few know anything about their personal lives.

This documentary aims to rectify that issue, and it does it in a fast-paced manner that holds your attention for the length of the special. By jumping back and forth between information about the two men, we begin to see how their personalities shaped their military campaigns, their outlooks on life, and how their actions were instrumental in shaping America’s future.

Aside from the traditional interviews with experts and historians, Lee & Grant goes the extra mile and interviews the grandchildren and other members of both men’s families. This added personal touch adds credibility and validity to the special, and gives us an intimate view of these men that a standard documentary about the Civil War might not otherwise give.

The Bonus Features include additional footage and interviews that are just as intriguing as the rest of the special, but sadly did not make the broadcast cut. This is an excellent documentary and ideal for Civil War, military history, and biography fans alike. I highly recommend Lee & Grant from the History Channel.

Lee & Grant is available NOW on DVD!

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