inSANE trilogy will take 8-10 years to complete

During the 2010 VGAs we had a ‘as in-depth as possible’ interview with Danny Bilson and Guillermo del Toro.

We originally embedded the video interview in this post with all of our other Video Game Awards 2010 red carpet interviews.

Several video game websites have since picked up this story about how long Insane will take to develop. For every gamer out there who is looking for this interview you can find it embedded below as well as on our YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy the video and more importantly begin to hype the sh*t out of INSANE!

Quick thanks to all the gaming sites that are covering this story and linking back to StuffWeLike – EuroGamer, VG247, MCV, 1UP, CVG, and anyone else that I missed!

Finally, we want to thank Danny Bilson and Guillermo del Toro for spilling some beans on what is sure to be the must play game of 2013.

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