How the Earth Was Made: The Complete Season One – Blu-ray Review

Where did is all this come from? No, it didn’t just appear when some Creator waved a magic wand, the Earth as we know it took millions – if not billions – of years to become the geographic phenomenon that it is.

Massive oceans with mountain ranges beneath. Intricate lakes, rivers, and streams that feed into bigger bodies of water. Tourist attractions like Loch Ness, Yellowstone, and Hawaii. How did they come into being?

How the Earth Was Made explores the origins of these amazing Earth structures with the aid of experts, CG imaging, and on-location footage. Each episode digs into the past and shows us the more often than not violent past that eventually led to the geographic structures we take for granted each and every day.

Through volcanic activity, erosion, climate change, earthquakes, and a host of other irritants, the Earth has and will continue to be an ever-changing landscape of mountains, oceans, faults, and volcanoes.

Season One includes the following episodes: San Andreas Fault; The Deepest Place on Earth; Krakatoa; Loch Ness; New York; Driest Place on Earth; Great Lakes; Yellowstone; Tsunami; Asteroids; Iceland; Hawaii; and The Alps.

For an in-depth look at our planet’s geographic evolution, I recommend How the Earth Was Made: The Complete Season One.

How the Earth Was Made: The Complete Season One is available NOW on Blu-ray!

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