Earth and Space – Blu-ray Review

Here is the ultimate box set for fans of the History Channel series Universe and How the Earth Was Made. Why? Because it contains every first season episode form both series in one handy-dandy box!

First, explore the universe that surrounds us with the compelling series, Universe. Find out what the origins of planets, stars, solar systems, suns, and other space-related objects are. Hear experts and see CG models of each topic explored in detail that will give you further insight into topics that you only thought you knew thanks to school.

Episodes include: Secrets of the Sun; Mars: The Red Planet; The End of the Earth: Deep Space Threats to Our Planet; Jupiter: The Giant Planet; The Moon; Spaceship Earth; The Inner Planets: Mercury & Venus; Saturn: Lord of the Rings; Alien Galaxies; Life and Death of a Star; The Outer Planets; The Most Dangerous Place in the Universe; and Search for ET.

You also get a bonus documentary: Beyond the Big Bang, which has nothing to do with the hit CBS series The Big Bang Theory.

Once you’ve learned all there is to know about the space around us, take a journey into the inner-workings of our own planet with How the Earth Was Made. Explore the reasons why the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, the Great Lakes and other geographic phenomena exist here on planet Earth.

Season One episodes include: San Andreas Fault; The Deepest Place on Earth; Krakatoa; Loch Ness; New York; Driest Place on Earth; Great Lakes; Yellowstone; Tsunami; Asteroids; Iceland; Hawaii; and The Alps.

For lovers of the world and the universe that surround them I recommend Earth and Space from the History Channel!

Earth and Space is available NOW on Blu-ray!

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