Director of Dragon Age: The Anime: The Film Announced

Morrigan's reaction the announcement. Also, Morrigan's reaction to everything.

The film’s official title isn’t announced, but Dragon Age: The Anime: The Film doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Anime News Network has learnt that Fumihiko Sori will be directing the upcoming Dragon Age movie, which is of course, an anime film.

Sori previously directed Vexille and a live-action flick called Ping-Pong. While I haven’t heard of the latter, I’ve heard good things about Vexille. He also was the producer to Appleseed, which is a pretty awesome sci-fi movie.

So all in all, it’s nice to know that they aren’t roping in a nobody. With somebody like Sori on the project, it’s in good hands. The currently untitled film will be releasing at the end of 2011 in North America, but only in DVD. Japan on the other hand, will get the full theatrical release. No no no, they aren’t biased towards the Japanese, they’re just testing how much of a loyal fan you are. Are you loyal enough to travel to Japan just to watch the Dragon Age movie on a big screen?

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