iPhone 4.0 OS announced, Multitasking and more

After much anticipation and speculation the new iPhone operating system has been announced. Unfortunately, as I currently have a broken first gen iPod touch which I’m still waiting to get repaired from Target, I ‘m having trouble getting excited about this. That being said, there seems to be a lot of great stuff this time around.

First and foremost is the addition of multitasking. This means you iPhone users can load up Pandora, and go back to searching Safari or playing Peggle. It seems there is a limit to the number of tasks you can use, 4, and specific categories with in it, such as background audio, background location and the like. This boils down to being able to do a lot more at the the same time but only iPhone 3GS and iPod touch third gen users get it.

Along with this is the addition of a gaming community with the iPhone/iPod touch. Achievements, friend lists, matchmaking and leaderboards. In essence, taking what the developers have been using in the past with their own software, but official supported by Apple.

Of other particular interest is custom wallpapers, something the hackers have had for a long time, folders for apps, iBook support, advertising(ick), bluetooth keyboard support and 5X zoom for the camera.

It’s all set to launch this summer, with iPad users getting it later this fall. iPhone 3GS and iPod touch third gen users get it all, second gen iPod touch users and iPhone 3G users get most of it, but not the ability to multitask. Everyone else is SoL. Fun times.

This is all prior to the iPhone 4 announcement as well, so expect more to come from Apple in the coming months.

For more in-depth check out Gizmodo’s rundown of the features

2 thoughts on “iPhone 4.0 OS announced, Multitasking and more”

  1. Can you install this new OS on the older versions or do you have to buy a new iPod touch or iPhone to get them?

  2. To my understanding the newest versions support all of the features, with only iPhone 3G and the second gen iPod Touches having some support. Others are SOL.

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