Square Enix Trademarks “Voice Fantasy”; No, Really

Because there clearly wasn’t enough competition in the music games market.

News is that Square Enix has filed a European trademark for a video game product called Voice Fantasy. The trademark clearly states that this is a video game only, and not music or anything – that’s right, there’s something called Voice Fantasy on its insidious way to store shelves!

There is of course, no other news other than the trademark filing, but it does spark a number of questions. Will it be voice-command-based Final Fantasy? Or maybe a bardic adventure where you must (ahem) out-sing your opponents? Maybe it’s something of a Rock Band or Guitar Hero-like music game with a fantasy setting added for kicks?

This and more will (hopefully) be revealed when Square Enix sees fit! Until then, we’ll just have to keep those vocal chords tuned.

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