Deus Ex 3’s Official Title Trademarked by Square Enix?

Somebody get those drums, we need a roll for this.

News on Deus Ex 3 has been sparse. Very sparse. I’d wager that we haven’t had a single bit of new information in a whole year. Well, here’s something at last, and it looks like Eidos Square Enix’s marketing team is finally ready to start talking about this game. What we have right now, ladies and gentlemen, sounds a lot like the title to the Deus Ex 3.

Over at the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union, you’ll see that a trademark has been registered for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Does that sound awesome, or does that awesome? Although to be honest, it’s just a title. Deus Ex: Invisible War sounded like the coolest title back when it was announced, and it wasn’t exactly very cool in the end.

To see the trademark for yourself, hit the above link and enter the Trademark No. 008862153 (sorry, they don’t like linking, I guess). Not that it really tells you much, but it does have official Square Enix on it, so we know this is real. And it specifies its classification as a computer game and related stuff, so it isn’t a spin-off either. This is the real deal, Deus Ex fans.

And for further classification, you can see that two domain names have already been registered: and

They’re both blanks right now, but a Whois reveals that they’re owned by Square Enix and were registered only six days ago. So yes, I think they’re getting ready to finally start showing the game. Judging by that, I imagine they’re aiming for an early 2011 release, or maybe a late 2010 release, if they’re fast.

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