The Perfect Pushup – Fitness Review

It’s not too late! Whether you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift, a gift for Kwanzaa, Boxing Day (Canada), or even looking to get in shape for the New Year, the Perfect Pushup is a quick and easy-to-use gift for anyone who wants to get into shape.

The makers of the Perfect Pushup have three different versions of their product that I have tried out and will share with you my thoughts below.

The Original Perfect Pushup

This version is you basic model, complete with padded grips, rotating base, and exercise guide. It can be used on both hard surfaces and on carpeting, which is nice, and provides stability and durability with its design. The rubberized grips can wear on your hands after extended use, but that’s the only real issue with this model (or I just have sensitive hands).

The Perfect Pushup, Version 2

A much sturdier and heavier model than the original, this version contains a ribbed grip (in either red or black), a rotating base, and an exercise guide. Like the original, it can be used on carpet or hard surfaces. I really liked the design of this particular version. It felt much more comfortable in my hands, and is built to last. I also felt that the grip design allows for less slippage when your hands get sweaty, another plus.

Perfect Pushup Mobile Unit

While I’m not sure they would allow you to bring this on the plane as carry-on luggage, the Perfect Pushup Mobile Unit is compact and ideal for anyone who travels a lot and wants to get in a good upper-body workout. Both handles and bases snap together and fit into a handy travel bag, and then snap apart and can be assembled easily. This version also comes with a workout guide like the abovementioned models.

Since it is the travel version, it’s not as strong as the other two versions, and I kept wondering how many workouts this model could endure before something wearing out or breaking. This model also has difficulty working on carpet, but works easily on hard surfaces. So if your hotel has shag carpeting, your ability to rotate the base as you workout will be a chore.

If you do travel a lot, I would still recommend the Perfect Pushup Mobile Unit since it is a lot less bulky than the other two and will still provide the same results.

The Verdict

My favorite version is The Perfect Pushup, Version 2. It enabled me to do the maximum amount of pushups with the least amount of wear and tear on my hands, it worked on my carpeted living room floor, and they look like they’re built to last.

All three models are from the same company (Perfect Fitness), have the same basic design, and are all intended to provide the same results. So it really comes down to a matter of personal preference when choosing which Perfect Pushup Model is right for you.

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