Modern Warfare 2 playlist glitch fix in the works.

modern warfare 2 glitch
If you’re a MW2 player, and have been for the past few weeks, then you know about some of the glitch issues the game has had. Recently there has been the Javelin glitch, a glitch that causes people who are carrying around Javelins(or any other launcher based secondary weapon) to explode upon dying. It was annoying, and was just recently fixed.

More recently there has been a glitch found that allows people to earn experience points while in private match, in and of itself not very harmful. What is rather harmful, and incredibly annoying, is when the people who make these private match games to get experience force others to play in their private match game through Ground Wars match finding.

Modern Warfare 2 is somewhat infamous now for not allowing people to stay in party chat with two exceptions. Third person team tactical and Ground Wars. The former is a more unique look at capture the flag than the series is used to, but only allows 6 people at max. The latter is 18 people in either Team Deathmatch or Domination, a game type my friends and I often play so we don’t have to listen to the pre-adolescent and stoner bigots of Xbox live.

This XP glitch has caused many games where we’re forced into a private match. This often resulting in frustration by needing to leave the room only to find another identical room with a person begging people to stay. It’s frustrating and has grown to be such a nuisance that Infinity Ward has finally said they are working on a fix for it.

With certification being what it is I don’t quite expect a fix later today, but rather in a week or two after it’s been finish and given to MS and Sony to test before tossing it online. Until then, the private match people are going to still be running amok ruining the game for people.

To clarify, I don’t blame people for trying to get titles, emblems, challenges or exp easily. What does bother me is when they create open games that draw people into their endeavor is endlessly annoying and quite silly when they’re doing little more than having an extra long version of what they can do in ranked matches. IW, please get that out soon so MW2 isn’t ruined for a fortnight or longer.

Modern Warfare 2 players report matchmaking malfunction [Joystiq]

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