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Tonight, Dec. 12, had the great experience of attending the Spike Video Game Awards (VGAs). We were there for the Red Carpet premier of guests ranging from Rocksteady developers to Kimbo Slice. Either way the crowd was diverse, media hungry for news, and gamers eager to hear the latest announcement.

When we first arrived we were surprised to find the VGAs being hosted on the top story of a parking garage. Undaunted we took our gear up and prepared to grab some familiar faces. In the Red Carpet bubble, for it was raining quite heavily, game booths were set up to play some of the latest games such as Uncharted 2 and New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Guests did not begin their arrival and entrance until around 3:15pm and even then it took a while for them to reach us down the line. One face that rushed by the press was David Jaffe, the lead game director of God of War. He began his walk down the carpet slowly but picked up speed and edged away from us before we could get a word from him regarding his latest game from his very own studio Eat, Sleep, Play. Needless to say it was a bit disappointing to not get his input regarding God of War 3 which concludes the series he began.

As time went by more guests showed up like Geoff Keighly from Game, developers of games such as Splosion Man, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Flower, Osmos, Batman Arkham Asylum, and the voice talent of Claudia Black from Uncharted 2 and Mark Hamill from Batman. Game developers shared their inspirations for their games, their favorite titles, reasons for the direction they took, and answered questions such as, “Why is Splosion Man naked?” All were excited to be appearing with their games and had a lot of passion for what they had created. We were not able to get an interview with Mark Hamill as his event aid was rushing him inside from under the hot press lights. Also rumored to be appearing were Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale but we didn’t see any sign of them on the red carpet.

Seeing as how the VGAs were being put on by Spike TV it was only appropriate to have a few sports superstars such as Mike Tyson and Kimbo Slice on behalf of UFC. The host of Deadliest Warrior, which also made its game debut tonight, was present and described the newest season of Deadliest Warrior as having a bigger budget, more fights, and more blood. Also in attendance were Snoop Dog and rapper Ditch with other musical guests Green Day and The Bravery.

Being on the red carpet right with these stars was an exhilarating feeling. Here they were casually walking down the line of reporters answering possibly the same questions from each group and they simply smiled and enjoyed the time in the light. In a time where video games are becoming the dominant media, events such as the VGAs are attracting much talent and the interest of those who can’t afford to get their name out there with the big shots.  It’s a great place to start with consoles and games selling in the millions developers and voice actors are held up on the level, if not higher, of movie stars. They are the characters we control and enjoy so much. They are the ones making the amazing content and here they are in front of us, the gaming community. Meeting with the developers of Modern Warfare 2 to Flower lets us know they are human and not machines that churn out copies of the same things. The depth of talent that goes into these games is astounding and is proven at events such as these. The VGAs were an amazing sight from the press perspective. How about you dear reader? What did you think of this year’s VGAs? Leave your thoughts below and make sure you check out our interviews and photo slideshow.

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Long time gamer. I enjoy most genres but my favorite will always be Hack N Slash, God of War being the series in favor. I run, am a film student, and am also somewhat of a writer. I typically write reviews, cover press events, and post articles here on Stuff We Like. Send me a message and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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