Eidos Montreal Working on ‘First Global Game’ With Square Enix


Eidos’ most promising new development studio has one more ambitious project on their hands, apart from Deus Ex 3 and Thief 4.

That Square Enix has completely taken over British publisher Eidos is nothing new. Of course, it was a little unsettling to watch a veteran publisher like Eidos, known for greats such as Deus Ex and Thief be gobbled up by Square Enix, best known for Final Fantasy. Two different publishers, separated not only geographically, but culturally, in a gamely sense.

Not any more, as Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix is confident of a new project that has been placed in the hands of Eidos Montreal, the recently-founded development studio that is taking on the development of Deus Ex 3 and Thief 4. According to Wada, this new project will be a truly global game, as it will see collaboration between Eidos Montreal and Square Enix itself.

While it almost certainly sounds like an original IP, you never know if somebody pulls out an older IP up. A game co-developed by Japanese and Western developers sounds intriguing to say the least. I can’t remember the last time something like it happened. I just hope this doesn’t put a dent in Deus Ex 3, because if that game gets screwed up, I’m heading to Montreal with a couple of machineguns.

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