Behold, The Full List of DirectX 11-Supported Games So Far


Includes DiRT 2, Bad Company 2 and more!

Even before gamers can get around to DirectX 10, AMD is preparing its vanguard on DirectX 11. No surprise here, since AMD’s Radeon HD 5xxx cards happen to be the only ones that can support DirectX 11 right now. Even if you have one of those shiny new devils however, you’ll be short of a few games that support the shiny new graphics. AMD is here to correct that.

In a recent presentation, AMD revealed the full list of games that will support DirectX 11 and we have it right here for your consideration:


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and DiRT 2 are the obvious stars in the field here, and we already know all about how DiRT 2 has DirectX 11 and looks shiny, and new. Bad Company 2 is the newbie here, and this will be a serious goodie for PC gamers, as they’re the only ones who can taste the DirectX 11 goodness.

In other games coming up, there’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, which is already released in Russia and Germany (bleak wastelands get more beautiful every passing year!), and Aliens vs. Predator, which looks pretty damn badass. MMOs are also picking up on the trend, it seems.

Of course, all this matters only if you have a DirectX 11 graphics card (I bet many of you don’t even have DirectX 10 graphics cards yet).

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