EA Trademarks Visceral’s Next Game: The Ripper


Based on Jack the Ripper? Or about somebody who rips things up in general?

Superannuation reports that EA has just trademarked “The Ripper”. This looks like Visceral Games’ next game, and should be based on Jack the Ripper, if sources are correct (and you know how they always are).

Interestingly, it’s branded as a follow-up to Dante’s Inferno, which is a plain-out hack-and-slash in an infernal setting. Does that mean ‘The Ripper’ will essentially involve roaming the streets of London hacking, slashing and well, ripping attractive women? Unlikely. Intriguing, but unlikely.

We’ll just have to wait and watch then, because there’s no official announcement about this yet. If anything, you can expect a late-2010 release for it. And if Dante’s Inferno is anything to go buy, a release for Xbox 360 and PS3. Yes we know how you hate the PC, EA. I won’t even bother this time.

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