First Gameplay Video for LucasArts’ Lucidity


It’s a very lucid video.

We’ve already talked about Lucidity in our last post, but if you haven’t seen it, here’s a link for good measure. What Lucidity is, is that it’s a puzzle/platformer game where you guide a little girl from Point A to Point B by putting things in her path to help her out.

In any case, this video will tell you more about the game than I can.

I like the soft, childlike art style, and the music is intriguing too. I can see a lot of influence from Braid on this one, but thankfully not enough to label it a rip-off. What I don’t like, is that the gameplay looks like it’s too simple. Not easy, mind you, just too simple. Is that all we’re going to do in the game? Put things in that little girls path as she takes oddly hazardous routes to get to… a mailbox?

You’ll have to pull off more than an indie-feel for this one, LucasArts. Still, I really like the direction they’re headed in. No pun intended.

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