Lucidity confirmed by LucasArts on Gametrailers

Took them long enough to admit this game was real. Lucidity was announced as LucasArts’ new title earlier tonight(later tonight for west coasters). I unfortunately forgot about the episode on satellite until it was too late, but the internet provides!

The game is a side scroller puzzle game about a little girl named Sophie. She trots through stages that look like children’s books. Apparently there’s a catch, in that you do not control Sophie herself, but you get her to where she goes by solving puzzles.

It’s got an interesting art style to say the least, but I’m worried about if this will just turn into a lemmings rip off. I’d like to see a video on it, which we’ll probably see soon enough, but getting our hands on the game will be quite soon as it’ll be released on the Xbox Live Arcade later this month, and the PC at an undetermined date.

LucasArts officially confirms Lucidity [Big Download]Lucidity-announce

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