Disneynature Presents Earth – Blu-ray/DVD Review


Awesome. That’s the best word to describe this nature film that tells the stories of three different groups of animals, their journeys, their lives, and their experiences documented with amazing precision and care.

Look into the lives of a mother polar bear and her cubs, a pod of humpback whales, a herd of elephants and others as each species encounters their own sets of struggles and challenges, but continue to move forward no matter the obstacle.

Thoroughly enjoyable, engaging, and educational, this Disney/BBC venture will make an animal lover out of you. And even if you already love animals, prepare for that love to escalate even more.

Narrated by the great James Earl Jones (Star Wars, Conan: The Barbarian), Earth encourages us to look beyond ourselves and even our own species in order to see that we are not the only ones on the planet. This truly is epic documentary filmmaking at its best.

Like most Disney films, the one comes with both a Blu-ray and DVD copy of the film. The Blue-ray includes Filmmaker Annotations, which is a trivia track about the film, and also the second feature that is also on the DVD. The bonus feature found on both?

Earth Diaries: The Making of Earth the Movie

How does one go about shooting such spectacularly amazing and awesome footage of animals without disturbing them or their habitats? This insightful mini-doc tells you how.

If you loved March of the Penguins, if Animal Planet is one of your fave channels, if you love watching and learning about animals, then Earth is a must see!

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