Fable II’s DLC influenced by it’s fans

[Warning: This article may feature spoilers regarding the end of Fable II. You have been warned.] Fable IIdelivered much of what was promised from the first game, and what was promised for the second. The main gripe many might have had was the game’s decision at the end. You are given the choice of one of three things.

Take gold and power for the lives of the people who have died, sacrifice your loved ones for the lives of the people who have died, or restore the life of your loved ones, including your dog. The main problem here is that those who want to go with the good moral choices are conflicted with the latter two choices.

You play through the game becoming attached to your dog. It’s the emotional focal point of the game, and ends up being killed right before the end. Choosing the needs of the many over the needs of the few is a difficult choice, especially when there’s little reward for doing so.

Well that choice didn’t go over too well with the game’s fans. Lionhead received quite a bit of hate mail regarding that choice that the first thing they changed when it came down to DLC was bringing back that beloved canine.

Now one could argue that this is just a cop out to please the fans, which is probably is. Having played the game I understand the fan’s issues. You spend hours with this pup, then he dies. Only one choice allows him to come back, and the other two, the moral and immoral choices, don’t. The thing is, it’s supposed to be difficult to lose your companion.

In a movie you only get two hours, at most, to like a character. Even if they die the attachment isn’t as strong as it is with characters you spend hours with. I can’t say I find what he did as wrong, but it does detract from the game’s impact.

In either case, it’s interesting to see that the fans are being heard. It’s a shame Blizzard isn’t following suit with Starcraft II.

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