The Fresh Beat Band – Part One – TV Show Review


[PROGRAMMING ALERT: The Fresh Beat Band premieres Monday, August 24 at Noon on Nickelodeon.]

Fear. Loathing. Dread. These were my initial reactions upon receiving the press kit for the new Nickelodeon series, The Fresh Beat Band. Given my past run in with Yo Gabba Gabba, I was concerned that my more mature sensibilities would mar my experience of watching this new show that is aimed at preschoolers.

I’m happy to report that I my preconceptions were in fact misconceptions.

The Fresh Beat Band is not only tolerable for adults, it’s also funny, entertaining, and extremely creative. Each episode introduces new songs and dances that are enjoyable to watch and listen to. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

What makes this series work is the spirited and energetic foursome that comprises The Fresh Beat Band. Who are these lively and multi-talented characters? They are Kiki, Marina, Shout, and Twist. Each is unique in their own individual ways, but as a group they become a fun-filled force of education, entertainment, and music.

Music is the key component of the show. The premise of the series has these four characters going to college at a music school. Each episode teaches kids about a certain aspect of music and also a key life lesson. The combination of both aspects enables the show to have effective narratives that play out more like sitcom plots than simplistic sketches. As a result, viewers are both entertained and educated.

In turn, the characters sing, dance, and each play a music instrument. Kiki plays the guitar, Marina the drums, Shout plays the keyboard, and Twist dabbles in the use of turntables as his choice of instrument. The energy the actors bring to their performances is rather contagious, and you may find yourself tapping your foot along with the music or even laughing with your kids when it comes to many of the silly antics that take place throughout the show.

The Fresh Beat Band utilizes lots of good-natured slapstick and other comedic devices that will keep children glued to the show. For adults, it’s also fun to watch these young talents show kids that you can sing, dance, and play music just for fun; there’s no need to be a pop star or celebrity in order to truly enjoy what you’re passionate about.

If you’re looking for a series that will get your child excited about song, dance, music, or other creative outlets, I highly recommend The Fresh Beat Band. I can also safely recommend that people older than preschool-age check it out. It’s a nice diversion from the regular daytime fare. So get on up and clap your hands, when you hear The Fresh Beat Band!

The series premieres on Monday, August 24 at Noon on Nickelodeon with two back-to-back episodes. This will be followed by two weeks (Monday – Friday) of all new episodes.

Check out Part Two of this article, which features my interview with the cast of The Fresh Beat Band by clicking here!


7 thoughts on “The Fresh Beat Band – Part One – TV Show Review”

  1. I think twist is supercute and talented does anyone know his age or any of the fresh beats for that matter!!! Thanks!!

  2. Kendall,

    During my interview, I asked how old they each were. “Shout” is 27; “Marina” is 25; and “Twist” and “Kiki” are both in their early to mid-twenties.

  3. Wow! They are youngs and age don’t matter to me but they are great band. My kids love them and know their songs to share with us. Thanks to Fresh Beat Band.

  4. wow r u kidding they have NO TALENT they suck and what was nick thinking with the ages of them it is just well no words for that one hope they are gone really soon

  5. My 2 1/2 year old son and I just love the Fresh Beat Band. It is a great show, age appropriate, and teaches good values about friendship, teamwork, and more. We love all of the characters, but our favorite is Twist. This show is perfect for my son because he loves anything that involves music. The Fresh Beat Band show focuses more on the music than on popularity and fame like some other shows do (i.e. Hannah Montana!) I don’t allow my son to watch shows like Hannah Montana or iCarly because I don’t think they are educational AT ALL, and are certainly not age appropriate for young children. The Fresh Beat Band are a talented group of young people and we hope they will be entertaining children for a long, long time. Great job Fresh Beats! Keep up the great work and keep the shows coming!

  6. I’m 20 and a nanny, and when it comes to kids shows I’ve seen them all; something that can be both enjoyable and nauseating. The Fresh Beat Band is, by far, one of the best ones out there. I was a little nervous at first (and mildly sick of the songs when they only played the same one over and over for promotion) but as soon as I saw a whole episode I was delighted. It’s an absolute blast for kids, but it’s just as fun for adults, which can be hard to find in a lot of shows nowadays. The show is adorable (and not just thanks to Jon Beavers, though he was part of the initial draw) and I find myself laughing more than the two year old I take care of and watch it with! We dance with The Fresh Beats, or just sit and cuddle and try our best to sing the songs together with them. If a break is needed or some calming down time, I don’t feel the least bit guilty turning on The Fresh Beat Band, and it’s my go to show if we’re going to watch TV. Nick did a really fabulous job, and the actors keep it engaging and real for kids and anyone else viewing! Spot on job, a great show, I hope it stays on the air for a long time to come.

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