World of Warcraft: Cataclysm confirmed!

Blizzcon kicked off today with a huge announcement that has been rumored on with surprisingly accurate detail for weeks. Cataclysm, the long rumored expansion for World of Warcraft, has been confirmed. New races, the goblins and worgen, confirmed. New(or old) area confirmed as a destroyed Azeroth. Just about every rumor, save for some huge story changes, have been confirmed.

There are new major changes coming to the game, like a total rework of stats and a new talent system. No new talents, but a new talent tree that isn’t class specific, but general. Going down different trees unlocks new skills and passives. I haven’t seen much specifics about this new system, but it stands to change talent strategy quite a bit.

Guilds are getting a huge overhaul with guilds being able to level and gain talent points. Guild talents unlock things like cheaper repairs, mass resurrections and less durability lost on wipes. Experience for guilds are gained through doing dailies, instances, raids, battlegrounds and more.

There is much more, but to list it all might get boring. Your best sources for more information on Cataclysm are and MMOChampion. Watching these websites over the next few days for major changes to the game, like the direction your favorite class or more details on features that haven’t been focused on much is your best choice. I look forward t to the expansion, and just might end up getting a faction change to go worgen.

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