Backwards Compatiblity coming back to PS3 is NOT happening

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There have been word and rumors about backwards Compatibility coming back to the PS3, which strangely the PS3 slim lacked. So the hope for BC coming back to the PS3 isn’t looking so good. So much so that Sony’s Director of Hardware marketing, John Koller, has said “it’s not coming back”.

I can only show disappointed frustration from this response. 138 million units sold and the thought is that people don’t want to play all of their games on one system? Sony is the company that pretty much pioneered Backwards Compatiblity on consoles, and they’re tossing it aside.

I understand that “It’s not as big as a purchase intent driver as you may be hearing,” as Koller said in the interview, but shouldn’t people still have that option? It seems even stranger still that, at this point with the PS3 completely lacking the PS2’s emotion chip, it comes down to just creating software emulation for their console.

Sony has a patent for Backwards Compatiblity, and they’re not going to use it? They have no intention of using it? Why? Microsoft hasn’t remove the ability to play Xbox games on their console, and their BC software seems to be completely software based. Nintendo hasn’t kept people from playing Gamecube games on the Wii, but in large they have the same console.

This is just a disappointment. However being an owner of a 60 gig PS3, which has 100 percent backwards compatibility, I can’t really express a lot of rage in that I’m not really effected. It’s a shame to see Sony going after the more casual market, but I can’t really blame them.

They sell their consoles at a loss and they rely on new games for profit. If they’re not selling PS3 games then they’re not making money. It would just be nice to see some more love for the extended family that are gamers.

Sony: PS2 back compat not returning to PS3 (ever) [Joystiq]

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