Buy Guitar Hero 5, get Guitar Hero Van Halen for free!

Guitar Hero Van halen
The title pretty much gives it away. Activision is starting a promotion for the release of Guitar Hero 5 where you get two games for the price of one, and one early at that. The catch? Buy Guitar Hero 5 and wait six weeks for your copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen in the mail.

You might be thinking that If they need to give away a game to sell it the game can’t be good. Well not so much. Because of economic troubles, games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero sales have fallen somewhat. Activision likes to make games of series they’ve established, so having several games from a series with declining sales might prove a hard sell.

This could also be an attempt at getting a sales jump start with EA’s upcoming Beatles Rock Band title potentially stealing a great deal of Activision’s profits. If consumers know they can get two full games for the price of one it might attract attention from the game focused on arguably one of the most famous bands in the world.

In either case, info on this is best found on the promotion’s website. Pre-order the game now, or buy it next month, go to the website, and wait 6 weeks to get a copy of a game that won’t come out until December for free.

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