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How far would you go to defend your favorite sports team? Screenwriter and first-time director Robert Siegel delivers a powerful character-driven piece about the bonds of loyalty found between sports fans and the athletes they worship. Patton Oswalt, known mainly for his stand-up and comedy roles in film and on TV shows his emotional depth and range as both character and actor.

Oswalt plays Paul, a hardcore New York Giants fan who idolizes their star quarterback. When he follows the QB to a club, a misunderstanding leads to Paul getting the crap kicked out of him by his favorite player. The consequences and choices by Paul as a result of the incident take his life in directions he never imagined.

Big Fan is a drama with comedic elements thrown in to off-set the oftentimes heavy thematic elements expressed throughout the film. It’s gritty, raw, and exposes the raw nerve of many who place celebrities and others in the media on idealistic pedestals. When those ideal images are shattered, what does the fan have left? And how do they adjust and move on, if they do at all?

I would categorize the film as a sports-themed movie. Football is the sport referenced in the film, but it’s used as a backdrop to highlight the undying passion and adoration that Paul has for the New York Giants and their star QB. The film is a psychological analysis of fandom and its effects both positive and negative.

Big Fan opens in select cities on August 28. Check out the trailer below and the official website by clicking here.

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