Least I Could Do: Volume Two – Velcro Pants Are Awesome – Book Review


[WARNING: The comic book reviewed here is NOT suitable for children.]

Funny, creative, and at times quite twisted, the guys who write and illustrate the Least I could Do comic strip series deliver laughs-a-plenty in this second published volume of their work. In Velcro Pants Are Awesome, hedonist and troublemaker Rayne takes us on a journey through his wild and crazy antics.

These antics usually involve sex in some way shape or form, and his smoothness oftentimes helps him achieve his ultimate goal of sexual conquest. Is he a role model? Hard to say. Is he funny and clever? Yes.

Along for the ride with Rayne are his friends and family who struggle to keep up with his fast-paced wit and even more cunning charm. He can convince anyone to do just about anything; and most of the time he succeeds.

Artist Lar DeSouza creates vivid and colorful panels for each strip, while writer Ryan Sohmer delivers personality and jokes to the characters and their situations.

Look for cameos by Kiera Knightley, cast members of Battlestar Galactica, and more as you read this second volume of the Least I Could Do Series: Velcro Pants Are Awesome. It’s a fun read.

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