Monkey Island relaunch explodes

The return to Melee Island™ of recent days seems to be a huge explosion for great sales. A few weeks ago The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition came out, followed by the first episodeTales of Monkey Island by Telltales Games. The sales for these titles has been surprisingly strong.

Secret came out on Steam, Valve’s direct download service, at number 1. Position aside, the sales were strong on at least the Xbox 360 side. With numbers on the leaderboard for the title extending beyond 35,000 users.

Tales has shown just as good sales, with the first episode also hitting number one on steam and selling beyond Telltale’s Expectations. Dan Connors from Telltales games has said “I would definitely say it’s our strongest performing franchise to date.”

I can only hope these strong sales on both sides means we’ll see further development on remaking past Point-and-click titles. This news also reminds me that I need to get my hands on the first episode of Tales.

Secret of monkey island’s strong start
Tales of monkey island is Telltale’s strongest title yet

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