Brutal Legend on schedule!

You can’t stop this crazy train! Activision’s lawsuit and hopes to delay the release of the most metal game that has and ever will exist have been shattered. Today a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge denied Activision’s attempt to delay Brutal Legend‘s release.

The actual court case has been delayed a week. The judge has said the his schedule is full this week. Delaying the case would allow both sides to fully argue their position.

The judge further mentioned “I can’t say there’s a likelihood of success here.” Be this focused on Activision or Double Fine’s individual suits is unclear, but it will be a “close call” as Judge Craig Karlan put it.

It’s great to hear Brutal Legend is on schedule to be released, but I do quite want to see some serious action in this case. Actually I’d like to see it being sorted out in a rock battle, but that’s not likely to happen unless the Judge is a huge Gwar fan, in which case Schafer can call back in the heavy metal group after Comic-Con’s huge blood and urine soaked metal concert.

Ruling Delayed on Brutal Legend Release

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