Futurama is jumping the space shark

Fox, do you hate us? You bring Futurama back, then you pull this stunt. According to the cast members of the Matt Groening created series, they will not be returning for the future episodes of the Futurama.

The series has been a pinnacle of the animated comedy world. It is the second Fox animated series to be revived after being canceled. Now it would seem it will matter little. The voice actors behind a majority of the characters in the series are being recasted.

Billy West, voice of Fry, The Professor, Doctor Zoidberg, Zap Brannigan, and anything else they can get him to do on the show, will not be returning. Neither will John DiMaggio, voice of Bender, Kate Sagal, voice of Leela, and Maurice LaMarche, the voice of Kif.

This is a terrifying change that leaves me stunned. Futurama, despite being canceled for 5 years before being brought back, was still as strong when it first started as it is now. If the writing staff is the same the humor will still likely be there, but changing out the voice acting talent will probably ruin the experience.

The show just won’t be the same without these voice acting power houses. The DVDs didn’t sell as well as they expected, so they can’t afford to pay for these voice actors. I understand the choice the reason, I just don’t agree with the choice. I’m almost willing to see the series end as it was before I see it take a dive.

Fox is recasting Futurama

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