LucasArts to Make “World Exclusive Announcements” at Comic-Con


Is LucasArts on a roll or what?

Microsoft isn’t the only publisher with something exciting in store for Comic-Con. It looks like LucasArts, the publisher of all Star Wars and Indiana Jones games also has something in store.

While they haven’t used kitschy adjectives like “exciting” or “spectacular”, Kotaku says that they’re going to make several “world exclusive announcements”. These announcements will be held at Friday, during the Star Wars Spectacular keynote.

Does this mean that it’s a Star Wars announcement? Sure does sound like it. Would be awkward if they announced Mercenaries 3 during a Star Wars convention. And then of course, there’s the ever-necessary speculation of what these announcements are going to be about.

LucasArts has been on a roll lately, from announcing new Monkey Island games at E3 to releasing most of their old classics on Steam. And after all this, LucasArts still has something (presumably) awesome to show? Jedi Knight 4? The return of X-Wing?!

Of course, for all we know, it could be Lego Clone Wars or something as well, maybe a The Old Republic tie-in for the iPhone. Still, gets you all hyped for Friday, that’s for sure.

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