Bayonetta gets Japanese release date and awesome swag

Bayonetta Pre-order
Oh Bayonetta, why must you tease us so? Well we know why, but we don’t hate you for it. Well despite the tease we now have a date to look forward to, at least close to one.

Sega has announced the Japanese release date for the game, October 29th. While this is a Japanese release date, it does also hint at the possible American release date for Platinum Game’s next title.

Sega wanted to release this game simultaneously worldwide. While there’s no confirmation, it’s very likely we could see the ass kicking super nun this October in the states.

To further tease us, Sega has release picture of a Japanese pre-order bonus of a CD called “Rodin’s Selection”, a selection of songs chosen by Bayonetta’s bar-owning partner. Not exceptionally exciting in and of itself, but the case it comes in is. The case looks like a leather bound menu from the game’s bar.

Very cool, but considering how little actually follows from Japan to America with these cool little trinkets I don’t expect to see that at Gamestop anytime soon.

I would expect more news on the game later this week during the San Diego Comic-Con.
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