Microsoft announces their Summer of Arcade line up.

It’s the summer, there’s a drought of good games to play. Well here comes Microsoft to help with that drought. As they did last year Microsoft is dropping five high profile Xbox Live Arcade titles for us to enjoy.

TMNT banner
The first is a remake of an arcade classic, and sports the longest title in the line up. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-shelled is a remake of the arcade title in 3D. It features the same cast, the same settings, same characters, but updated to full 3D with new voice acting and sound effects. The title will launch on July 22nd for 1200 Microsoft points(15 dollars US).

MVC2 banner
Following the turtles is a fighting game classic near and dear to all of us. Capcom is finally re-releasing Marvel Vs Capcom 2 in all it’s HD glory. Famous(and not so famous) Capcom stars face the Marvel Heroes and Villains in a tag team brawl for… whatever they’re fighting for. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 will launch on July 29th for 1200 Microsoft points.

splosion man banner
The third explosive title is Splosion Man by Twisted Pixel games, the studio that made Blitz: the League II and The Maw. The title explains itself. You play a man who ‘splodes. The explosions seem to act both in platforming and the combat. Not particularly familiar with the title, but it’s got explosions so it can’t be all that bad. The explosions begin on August 5th for 800 Microsoft points(10 dollars US).

Trials HD is the fourth title to be released during the Summer of Arcade. The game is a side-scrolling motorcycle racing with heavy emphasis on a balance of racing and style. It features two racing modes, unlockable bikes, character customization, and the ability to build your own levels. Trials HD is going to be released on August 12th for 1200 Microsoft points.

Shadow Complex banner
Cliffy B’s Metroid inspired side scrolling action-adventure finishes up Microsoft’s five week event. Shadow Complex, based on the Orson Scott Card novel Empire, features a man, his super suit, his guns, and his fight against robots. I’m not so sure what the story’s about, but with it’s heavy influence from Metroid and Castlevania I’m hoping it doesn’t let down. Shadow Complex hits the Arade on August 19th for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Well there you go. Five games, some serious heavy hitters in there that I look forward to playing. If you want something to play I suggest you check out last year’s line up, especially Braid and Castle Crashers if you already haven’t.

MajorNelson gives us the scoop

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