Green Lantern movie in works, Justin Timberlake as Hal?!

In brightest day in blackest… yeah just blackest night if this rumor is true. Ain’t It Cool News reported on an unconfirmed rumor they got about Warner Brother’s next DC super hero movie franchise. The rumor is that Justin Timberlake is being screen tested for the titular character, the Green Lantern Hal Jordon.

Well first thing’s first on the reaction. WHY?! Now I’ll move on to a serious look at this. Justin Timberlake, while known for his singing, isn’t the worst choice they could go after. Despite more famously these days for being in Dick in a Box he has had some roles in which he’s been able to show off his acting chops.

No I don’t mean The Love Guru. Black Snake Moan a great movie that didn’t receive nearly as much attention as Hustle and Flow featured Timberlake as a soldier in one of his few dramatic roles and did a good job in the film. He also was featured in Southland Tales(One of the worst movie’s I’ve seen) and Alpha Dog both in dramatic roles.

Now I still wouldn’t say he’s the perfect match. He’s a singer first and foremost and I haven’t really known him for being very witty. Thing is, if he tests well he’ll probably be Hal Jordan. He’s well known, vaguely matches the character visually, and will attract a larger audience.

I’d like to see Nathan Fillion or David Boreanaz in the roll. They’re both more masculine and have the sarcastic wit to match the character, but they’re not big actors. They’re both known for their rolls in Whedon TV series, neither of which were big rating giants. The other flaw is that they might be a bit too old for the role.

Either way I hope Warner Brothers doesn’t mess up this movie like they did Superman Returns. The Green Lantern is my favorite DC super hero and to see the character fail would be a horrible blow.

AICN reports on GL rumor.

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