Transformers 2 to feature…. robot privates?

Transformers is aiming to be one of the biggest releases this summer, but I think Bay has lost his mind. As some of you may recall, during the first movie the silent Autobot Bumblebee released liquid fury on an FBI agent. Childish? Yes. Unnecessary? Yes. Funny? Eh, not really. Well as is often the case with sequels, Micheal Bay has decided to one-up himself.

A review by Empire mentions a large action scene near the end of the movie features the large amalgamation of several other Decepticons known as Devastator and his wrecking balls. Literally. According to the review, the massive robot claws it’s way up one of the Giza pyramids. As the Machine scales pyramid the camera pans up to it’s midsection revealing a pair of wrecking ball juevos.

Frankly, I’m a little disarmed. The scene from the original movie was mildly entertaining, but didn’t really do anything against the movie. Bay one-upping himself like this just makes me shudder when wondering what the third movie holds. Autobot strippers? A Cybertronian booty call?

The movie seems to follow in Bay’s general style though as the second movie holds a world record now. What for? The biggest explosion with all of the actors present. Oh Michael, you and your silly explosions.

Still, I can’t help but be excited to marvel at ILM’s hard work on the new characters in the movie. Considering the large line up of robots on both sides the movie should have more of what the first movie was missing, the Transformers.

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