Zombie epic movie, World War Z, on hold

Some bad news on the Zombie genre front, and it’s not that the dead are actually coming to life. Back in 2007 Brad Pitt’s production company picked up the rights to one of the best Zombie Books of all time, World War Z By Max Brooks(son of Filmmaker Mel Brooks). This movie adaptation was touted as the first Zombie movie to focus on a world scale Zombie apocalypse.

The film was set to be directed by Quantum of Solace director, Marc Forster, and intended to be shot in the same style as Children of Men. While he had no control over the movie, Max Brooks expressed his excitement for the movie and his approval of J. Michael Straczynski; screenwriter of Changeling and a writer of a majority of the episodes from the emmy award winning Science Fiction TV series Babylon 5.

All in all it looked like the movie was rounding up to be a good adaptation, and possibly a great memorable zombie movie. The movie has hit a large snag. Forster has said that the script for World War Z still needs work and is “”still far from realization”.

In the meantime Forster has begun working on a Thriller named Disconnect about technology and how it drives people apart. How exciting. Forster, having as much influence he has after Quantum of Solace, probably won’t be removed from directing the film. Meaning the Zombie apocalypse is postponed for at least a year.

If you want something to hold you over until the movie comes out, pick up both of Brook’s books. The original satricial survival manual Zombie Survival Guide and the dramatic follow up the movie is set to be based on World War Z.

Translation on Forster’s interview from CHUD

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