Terminator Salvation: The Game – Xbox 360 Review

Terminator Salvation: The Game

You should never hold high expectations for a video game based on a film.

After watching Terminator Salvation, I got sucked into the idea of the video game explaining more of the rise of John Connor as a combat leader. Regrettably I didn’t even get that. The story takes a B-line plot and makes it the basis for the entire game.

The combat is functional, which is something to be praised for a video game that’s based on a movie. Repetitive level design, enemies, environments, and more make this game get old fast. The boss battles do offer some pretty fun moments, but there are only a handful of those.

After you complete the single player story campaign, that’s it. You’re done. There’s nothing else to do.

There’s really not enough value in this game to encourage gamers to purchase this at $60. If you’re a fan of Terminator rent it. If you’re not a fan, move on.

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  1. Spot on. The T2 game for Genesis/arcade was the balls. Try the new Ghostusters game, not great, but not horrible. Def worth a gander

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