Bionic Commando’s grip slips

Today Gamasutra revealed that the attempt at bringing the classic series Bionic Comando back to life has performed poorly to say the least. The next gen sequel to the classic NES platformer has sold a meager 27,000 units in it’s first month. This news comes a about a month after rumors of the game’s developer, Grin, closing one of their studios.

Bionic Commando held some fair reviews, often times arguing about the game’s difficulty. Having played and beaten the game I’d have to say it was a mixed bag. The game had its share of enjoyable and frustrating moments which ultimately ended with a story that barely made sense.

To put these sales in perspective, the remake of the original game Grin sold over 100,000 units in its first week. The Terminator Salvation game adaptation they developed, while garnering almost universally bad reviews, sold 47,000 units during the same amount of time.

I wouldn’t expect to see much coming from Grin in the coming months, nor any news about a new Bionic Commando in the near future unless Capcom decides to toss the robotically limbed hero onto a handheld, which sounds like a totally awesome idea. I do expect Capcom to be releasing a statement about the game’s sales and how sad about its performance.

Gamasutra’s report on Bionic Commando’s sales

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